Astha Dixit holds specialized workshops with the focus of imparting the art form of Kathak to the world - its intricacies, rhythmic timing and precision in feet and movement, introduction and fine-tuning of abhinaya (expression) by relating to and understand the energies behind the story being told or the quality of the God/Goddess.
Whether we are bowing down to the fierce, third eyed, snake garland wearer Shiva or fussing with the ever playful, teasing, and mesmerizing Krishna, or whether the forlorn nayika (heroine) is remembering her lover or whether the Sufi is drunk with ecstasy, the dancer needs to be soaked in that energy to relay the deeper message through her dance.

Until aspiring students of dance themselves get a deeper understanding of this art form, its origins and the spirit from which it was taught and danced before, they will not be able to get the full depth and benefit of performing such an art form and will not be able to capture their audiences if they are ever to become performers. It is Astha's effort in her Kathak workshops to be able to provide some of this exposure for beginning students and intermediate already learning students of Kathak with the hope that the essence of this classical dance is not lost in future generations to come.

Upcoming Workshops:

Rasa - Essence of Dance
30 April 2014 - 04 May 2014
Osho Nisarga, Dharamshala

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