Jahan-e-Khusrau 2013

For the legendary Sufi Music festival held every year at the haunting Humayun's Tomb Monuments in Delhi and the Dilkusha Palace in Lucknow, Astha came together with film-maker, painter, conceiver of this festival to give form to some of his visions to share Sufi poetries with the world. Upon his desire to share the genius of Sufi poet, Nazir Akhbarabadi at this year's festival, Astha created dance compositions in group and solo to interpret Nazir's voice through dance. She interpretted his ever paradoxical and deeply thought provoking qalam, Khoonrez Karishma Nazo Sitam, with her Abhinaya. She colored the stage with her dance in Nazir's Holi, Jab Phagun Rang Jhamakte Hon. Her and her team of dancers challenged the audiences with a energetic composition to a qawalli-like composition, Yeh Bhad Fakiri Hai Baba.

Badshah Rangeela (2013)

A mega theatre production with music, dance, and poetry. Written and Directed by Sarita Vohra. This musical play captures the magic of the Mughal period, where the music, dance, and poetry thrived under the rule of the emperor Mohammad Shah Rangeela. A pulsating story where the peacock throne is eventually lost to the invade of Nadir Shah, celebrating a rule where the development of arts was given more importance than miltary and political responsibilities Astha choreographed all the court dances in this production. Along with choreography, she plays the role of the charming and daring emperor's favorite, Noor. Starting with a Kafi which leaves the king spellbound, she enters playfully with her other court dancers in a Malhar piece celebratory of the rainy season. The court mehfils continue non-stop, with beautiful dance sequences to tarana, ghazal, sufi, and malkauns compositions. Music by Ustad Shafqat Ali Khan from Pakistan and Vidya Shah.

Wings of the Heart (2011-12) - Sufi Andaaz

In a heart-enthralling Kathak presentation, Astha invites you into an intimacy with the Divine where she presents groundbreaking Kathak dance to Sufi Qalam of great Sufi Mystics such as Kwaja Gulam Farid, Amir Khusro, Bulleh Shah, and Sultan Bahu. Original music produced and recorded in New Delhi.

This production highlights the different moods of love, intoxication, separation, surrender, and celebration of the heart thru nritya (dance) and abhinaya (expression) climaxing with a dramatic union with the Divine through Sufi Dervish spins and Kathak chakars. Choreographed by Smt. Malti Shyam. Original Music by Raghvendra Bhattacharya.

Sancarana - Silent Movements(2010)
A creative presentation of dance and art together on stage themed in Buddhist philosophy. As artist, Satish Gupta, painted live haikus on the backdrop, Astha interpreted these spiritual couplets through Kathak dance. Live music with Sarangi, Flute, Tabla, Vocals accompanied by a deep narrative of the poetry and the echo of Singing Bowls. "Above the roaring ocean, the silence filled shell." "This fleeting cloud, let me stitch it onto my quilt."
Samarpan (2009)
The only way to enter the Boundless is to offer oneself to the Ultimate. Astha invokes the energy of Shiva through Shiva Kavitt and dance on Shlokas from the Shiva Puranas. Using Gayaki style of Dhrupad, she presents Shiva Stotram -Mahakal.

Astha has won the hearts of many through her unique and imaginative renditions of the love and play between the Gopis and Krishna set to traditional Thumris, Chaitis, Hoaris.

Design: Daalcheeni