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Astha Dixit is an empanelled artist in India and one of the recognized dancers of the unique North Indian dance of Kathak. She exhibits her passion for sufi dance through her Kathak in various festivals. She has performed at the National Centre for Performing Arts, Beijing as well as the Royal Opera House, Oman, Royal Opera House, Kuwait, and the world famous Baalbeck festival in Lebanon. She has performed at Khajuraho, Sambalpur, Orissa, Bhopal, all festivals promoting the culture through the Ministry of India. As a returning artist at Jahan-e-Khusrau, World Sufi Music Festival, she has performed three times in Delhi, Jaipur, and Lucknow with the sufi singers. She has been the choreographer and lead dancer across many musicals such as Badshah Rangila in over 25 shows in Greater Delhi NCR and Gaeity Theatre, Shimla, Dara Shikoh produced by M.S. Sathyu in 32 shows in the South, Yamuna, Radha Kanyaiha ka Qissa and various others. She has learnt Kathak from Gurus, Harish Gangani and Malti Shyam.

She is a TEDx Speaker having the honour of performing Kathak along with her speech in 2022 in Gujurat. In 2021, she won the Award for TVC (Variety Club) as best dancer and choreographer. In addition she has other accolades to her name given to her by the organizers of festivals. She is currently active in teaching and choroegraphing in her hometown of New Delhi. She leads the future generations of dance to unique global platforms each year as a director and choreographer. She also brought Sufi dancers and Kathak together on the stage for the first time at Jahan-e-Khusrau in 2013 to create a unique experience or the audience of "ones' surrender through art."

She is also an actress in Telugu films, Chandrahas and Pellaina Kothalo and prior to this she was in LA throughout her childhood to college years. Her passion for dance is evident from a early age as she started a dance company, taal, in LA and took place in various dance competitions. 

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